UV Water Purifier Comparison: Kent Maxx Vs Aquaguard Classic

Do you know why do you fall sick and face the diseases like typhoid, Cholera, Hepatitis A, Diarrhoea? It is all because of the presence of bacteria, viruses, and cysts in your drinking water. Yes, you have heard it correct, the water that you are drinking might contain micro-organisms and other harmful pathogens, which can cause serious waterborne diseases. Worried? Well, there is an easy and simple option and that is to start drinking filtered water and that is possible only when you install a water purifier at your home. In order to remove the micro-organisms from the supplied water, you can just use UV water purifier.

The Ultraviolet water purifiers are the cost-effective means of filtering the biological contaminants from the residential drinking water. UV purification systems can protect against water-borne viruses, bacteria, molds and even from other pathogenic disease-causing microorganisms. Since it is the best method of disinfecting micro-organisms from water and making it safe for consumption, why don’t you install one at your home? There are many UV water purifiers in the market, but we will discuss on two best UV water purifiers KENT Maxx and Aquaguard Classic.

KENT Maxx UV Water Purifier

Kent Maxx is one of the best UV based water purifiers that comes with double purification system of UV+UF and detachable storage tank. The purifier at first purifies the raw water by UV ray (UV lamp of 11 watts) and then followed by hollow fiber UF membrane. In the first process all the micro-organisms get deactivates or killed and in the second process, the dead micro-organisms get completely filter out. This is what provides you to drink 100% pure, safe & tasty drinking water and that is ideal for consumption.

Some of the features of Kent Maxx are mentioned below:

  • It has 7 liters of storage tank
  • The purifier has detachable tank, which makes it easy to clean on-site
  • It has activated carbon pre-filter to reduce bad odor and taste
  • Can be installed as both wall-mounted and table-top
  • It has the filter cartridges like sediment, activated carbon and UF membrane
  • It has the UV lamp of 11 watt

The purifier is the best sold in the market and it is available online as well at Rs. 7545 only, which is quite affordable. Check the model online here.

Aquaguard Classic UV Water Purifier

Under the same UV range of water purifiers, Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Classic is another name. The purifier delivers classical purity of water with greater efficiency and this would ensure that you and your family drink the healthiest form of water. It is made of a highest quality sturdy material that ensures greater durability and lasting feature. Talking about the water purification, at the first stage, suspended particles like dust, rust, and mud that are up to 5 microns are removed. In the second stage, organic impurities, foul smell & taste, lead and pesticides and removed. Finally, bacteria, virus, protozoa and disease-causing micro-organisms are removed. This will ensure you drink clean water.

Some of the features are:

  • Unique E Boiling
  • Intelligent Purity Sensor System
  • Auto-Shut Off
  • Equipped with patented BiotronTM technology

The model is available online and can be bought at Rs. 7847 only. Check the price here.

The Bottom Line

Comparing both the water purifiers, you would find that Kent UV water purifier is the best and the reasons are mentioned below:

  • Kent Maxx has storage capacity, whereas Aquaguard Classic does not have any storage capacity.
  • Kent Maxx has 11 watts of UV lamp, whereas, Aquaguard Classic has only 8 watts of UV lamp.
  • UF is missing in Aquaguard Classic, on the other hand, Kent Maxx has UF membrane that can even remove the dead micro-organisms and make the water safe for consumption.

So, bring home Kent Maxx UV water purifier to drink 100% safe, pure and clean water.

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