The Right Way to Maintain and Clean the RO Water System

Drinking healthy water is one of the most effective ways of leading a healthy life. Contaminated water leads to a number of waterborne diseases not only in rural but also urban areas. Though a recent report suggested that the deaths due to water contamination has reduced to a large extent, but it has still not been eradicated completely. Gone are the days when people relied on boiling water to remove all the contaminants. Many households opt for high-quality RO water systems to ensure that they get access to safe and pure drinking water. However, these RO water systems need regular maintenance and cleaning to ensure that they last long and also provide you safe drinking water. In this blog, we discuss some effective ways to clean and maintain your RO water purifier. Read on.

Maintenance of the RO Water System

To ensure that the water purifier works efficiently, you need to follow a regular maintenance regime. Some of the maintenance tips to make the RO System last longer are:

Change the Filter Regularly

The first step to maintain the RO water system is to take special care of the water filters. Follow the filter change schedule mentioned in the manual The RO system may use either four or five purification stages, which makes it essential to get an idea about the different filters used in each stage. Some of the common types of filters that need regular change are:

• Sediment Filter

The RO systems have a sediment filter which needs to be changed in every 12 months. Also known as the pre-filter stage, the sediment filters remove dirt, sediments and silt present in water. The sediment filters plays an essential role in protecting the delicate RO membrane from dirt. Failing to follow the filter change schedule will damage the RO membrane as dirt and silt will clog the membranes of the RO system.

• Carbon Filter

Carbon filters perform the important function of removing chlorine and other types of contaminants that affect the functioning of the RO water system. These contaminants also have an impact on the taste and odour of the water that you drink. As a result, it is necessary replace the carbon filters in every 12 months.

• RO Membrane

The RO membrane allows water to pass through and filters out all the additional contaminants. If you replace the sediment and carbon filters regularly following the schedule, you can replace the RO membrane in every two or three years. The schedule of changing the sediment filters varies depending on the quality and usage of water. If you don’t change the filter on the recommended schedule, it not only damages the RO system but also decreases the production of water.

Cleaning the RO Water System

In addition to maintaining the filters, ensure that you annually clean and sanitize the RO system. You can either get the help of a water treatment professional or do it on your own depending on your convenience. If you plan to clean the water purifier on your own, ensure that you refer to the manual for specific details on the ways to sanitize the water purifier. To avoid any kind of health hazards and damage to the RO system, ensure that you follow the instructions recommended by the manufacturer such as the dosage, list of chemicals and pH values.

Frequency of Cleaning

One of the essential points to remember is to closely monitor the RO water system. The membranes of the RO water system get contaminated after they have been in use for some time. Pollutants such as biological matter, bio firms and colloids get absorbed into the surface of the membrane and deteriorate the performance of the RO system. Such pollutants may cause serious damage to the RO system, which is the reason why it requires regular cleaning. You need to clean the RO system during the following situations:
• Gradient pressure in the pressure vessel decreased by 15%
• Normalized salt content of the permeate decreased by 10%
• Normalized flux decreased by 10-15%

Last Few Words

Water purifiers play an essential role in providing you free and clean drinking water. However, you need to follow a proper maintenance and cleaning regime to ensure that the purifier functions smoothly. Following the maintenance and cleaning regime mentioned above ensure that the RO system lasts longer and provides optimum performance.

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