Important Things To consider While Comparing Water Purifier

We all know how important it is for us to drink pure water. Selecting a right water purifier is not as easy as drinking a glass of water. Comparing water purifier online is very important to make the right decision. This well help you to pick the best one which matches your need and spending plan.

Why comparing water purifier is important

Comparing water purifier before making a purchase plays a key role in the decision process for selecting the best water purifier for your family. With this, you can get the idea about the differences among them which include differences in their price, storage capacity, designs, purification process and what impurities they remove from the water. We must do proper research about the water purifier before buying it.

As a result of growing popularity of online shopping in India, the online comparison sites are also rapidly gaining the popularity. According to a report, 80% of customer research online before buying any product.

How to compare water purifiers

While comparing water purifiers, start with the functions of water purifiers. Evaluate your necessities, whether your objective is only drinking or it includes cooking also. Consider whether you require refrigerated water, have sought for exceptionally simple to utilize filters or not.

The process of purification plays a vital role in choosing the best water purifier for your home. There is mainly three type of purification available in market, RO purification, UV purification, and UF purification. Each process acts distinctly on water removes various impurities.

RO Water Purifier process

It is the most advanced method of purification. It works on the principle of reverse osmosis. A semipermeable membrane is used to purify the water. The pore size of the membrane is so small that allow only pure water particles to pass through it. It can effectively all the impurities from the water like bacteria, virus, heavy metals and other dissolved impurities. You can choose the RO water purifier if the water supply of your locality contains high TDS level.

UV Water Purifier Process

This process is used to kill the germs, bacteria, and other harmful microorganisms present in the water. UV lamp is used to kill all the deadly microbes. Water is passed through the UV rays to kill all the present microorganisms.

UF Water Purifier Process

UF process is similar to RO process but the pore size of the UF membrane are slightly bigger than RO membrane. It can easily remove the small microorganisms in water. The removal of heavy metals and dissolved impurities is not possible by this process. Unlike RO and UV water purifier UF purifier does not require electricity to operate.

There is some water purifier also available in the market which uses the combination of these process. The leading water purifier brand in India are Kent, Aquaguard, and Pureit.

You can also be double sure about your decision by reading the reviews and rating of the actual customers. Check altogether the warranty, installation price, and what polluting influences you have to wipe out from your day by day water supply. You can compare the prices of the single product in different sites and can avail the best offer. Simply after that bring home the water purifier to ensure you drink pure water. When you have decided everything, this is the time to introduce a water purifier to your kitchen and live healthy and safe life.

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