How to Select the Best Water Purifier For Your Home

Selection of a water purifier plays a significant role as it is something which is directly related to our health. Knowing how essential water is for us, it is very important to select the best water purifier for your home. Day by day water related issues are gradually increasing. There are many harmful impurities present in water which can cause health related issues. According to WHO, more than 3.4 million people die annually  due to water borne diseases which is making it a leading cause of death. These facts make it necessary to choose the right water purification system.

Why Selection of Right Water Purifier is Important

Choosing the right water purifier can be difficult if we don’t have adequate knowledge. There are variety of products are available in the market. Most of the people usually purchase cheap models. Then they blame products that do not work properly. This is because the manufacturers of those water purifiers used bad quality of water filters. Therefore people face lots of problems and regret their decision. Selecting a water purifier require lot of consideration. We must know about basic terminology related to water purifiers like Water purification technology, types of filter used, TDS of the water, storage capacity etc.

Tips To Select Best Water Purifier

The below mentioned tips will help you decide which water purifier you should buy for your home – 

What Type Of Purifier You Need: UV, UF, Or RO

Technologies of water purification are getting upgraded day by day. We have different types of such technologies available in market like RO , UV , gravity based  etc. Their selection is completely based on the water supply of your home.

A large number of people have a misconception that RO is the best water purifier for every home but that is not actually true in every case. If your water is hard then you can choose RO. But if your water is soft then there will be no requirement for RO. You can choose gravity based UF water purifier or a UV water purifier instead.

Brand Selection is Very Important

By understanding the growing demand of pure water many companies are launching their water purifiers. Besides, there are many fake products also available in the market. So it becomes necessary to choose the product from a company which is well known for its performance. Some of the reputed brands are:

  1. Kent
  2. Aquaguard
  3. Pureit

Certification is Equally Important

Certification is an important criterion while making a purchase decision for water purifier. It gives assurance that the product is tried & tested to meet standards of the renowned laboratories. Always choose water purifier which is certified. The most renowned certification for water purifier  are NSF and WQA.

Compare Online

Brand selection is very important to choose the right match for your need of pure water. You should always choose water purifier from a reputed brand as they use high quality filters & membranes. Once you have finalized the brands you should compare the selected products of these brands. You can check some of online stores like amazon and Flipkart. Purification process, purification stages, storage capacity, special features should be your key points of comparison.

Don’t forget to read their reviews and rating. However, reading too many reviews can confuse you, so reading the most common issue will be sufficient. It will also give you an idea about product performance as those who give reviews would have already used that product.

Finally now you know what things to keep in mind while purchasing a water purifier so it is the right time for you to go for shopping and bring home the best water purifier. Drink pure water and stay healthy.

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