How I can Get Water Purifier Repair Service during lockdown?

How I can Get RO Water Purifier Repair Service Mechanic during lockdown?

How I can Get RO Water Purifier Repair Service Mechanic during lockdown?

Due to the coronavirus virus, our nation is going through a lockdown phase for 43 days. Thus we are going through the third phase of lockdown. And the third phase of lockdown has given us some leeway. Now you can hire your water purifier service engineers. But still, this facility is available in few cities.

To break the coronavirus series, we are staying home. In this case, your water purifier is under heavy load. So it is possible that you may experience some issues in your water purifier. Yes, there is some problem that you can solve on your own without the help of an expert. But what to do when your water purifier does not resume its functionality. In this case, you can call the Water purifier helpline number.

There are many benefits to drinking pure water, but one of the best is that it makes your immune cell strong, and having strong immunity protects you from various diseases. And as we all know that we are living under the threat of coronavirus. Thus in this condition it is very important to drink pure and healthy water.

You not only need to drink pure and healthy water, but you also need to drink sufficient amount of water. Drinking water helps maintain optimum hydration levels inside your body which helps protect you from various diseases. These days we rely on RO water purifiers to get completely pure and healthy water. In this situation, if your water purifier has lost its ability to purify the water, immediately appoint service engineers for RO Water Purifier service during lockdown.

Kent RO Service during lockdown

Generally, you may experience some common issues that can be resolved quickly. but be careful; Otherwise, your water purifier may lose its ability to purify water permanently because a water purifier contains complex spare parts that require only expert hands. However, there are some conditions here that you can treat yourself.

Aquaguard RO Service during lockdown

The Aquaguard service centre number ensures you get maximum results after installing and service the Aquaguard water purifier during lockdown. There are so many reasons as to why Aquaguard water purifiers are actually in demand by the households all over. The UV technology present in the same uses up the ultra-violet rays for the process of water purification and boiling, which is as good as boiling the water for a good 20 minutes.

Pureit RO Service during lockdown

The range varies from water purifiers to commercial purifiers, and even water softners are also available. Equipped with user-friendly manuals and LCD on the purifier, the purification system lets you serve the ‘purity’ in the glass. Whether it’s about installing a purifier for homes, business centers or for any other commercial use, it let you safeguard yours, your closed ones’ and your employees’ health. What so ever the product range is required, you can search for Pureit water purifier service in lockdown.

Livpure RO Service during lockdown

Before exploring through the options of water purifier available, we can study about various kind of water filters and its pros and cons as I acquainted myself at Livpure service in lockdown. Going some time back, to purify water, boiling was one of the best methods recommended by our health experts.

Aquafresh RO Service during lockdown

Our health experts have been informing and advising us of the importance of purified water. Still, most of us are unfamiliar, and it was high time for me to understand this by reaching out to Aquafresh service near me. Let’s have a quick look at the impact of polluted water to our health.

Eureka Forbes RO Service during lockdown

The quality and the design of the product and the service centers of that brand are essential to growing the business. No electronics goods can last long without any maintenance. Sometimes your water purifier may require any repairing or servicing. That time you can connect with Eureka Forbes service in lockdown. If you feel the taste of the water has been changed, then the water purifier is not working correctly.

Some unpleasant smell in pure water

The presence of unpleasant odors in pure water can be caused by muddy RO filters, and there is also a pure water storage tank due to the deposition of some contamination. This condition can be treated at home without the help of expert service engineers. To clean the RO filter, turn off the water purifier and take out the filter and wash the RO filter care filter and purified water storage tank carefully. But if the problem persists, call Pahuja Aqua Service and book Water Purifier service during lockdown. The RO filter cleaning process takes time and requires 4-8 hours depending on the amount of fouling present in the RO filter.

Leakage from water purifier

This situation can occur due to loose connections and damage to the RO filter. If the leak is caused by a loose connection, it can be easily corrected at home without the help of expert water purifier service engineers. But if the leak is caused by damage to the water purifier, then you need to book RO Repair in Lockdown at Pahuja Aqua Services.

Loss of water purifier functionality
Some of them can cause water to lose its functionality due to various reasons

  • Due to loss of power supply
  • This may be due to lack of water supply
  • SMPT adapter can also cause burns
  • Due to float valve malfunction
  • Due to the presence of an air vacuum inside the RO system

In the situation listed above, your water purifier loses its functionality. Thus before booking RO System service in the lockdown check of that, your water purifier electrical connection. Sometimes due to loose connections, the power supply was interrupted; Thus, your water purifier does not provide any response.

The same thing can also happen due to lack of raw water supply. Due to the lack of water supply, the water purifier stops working, thus showing the power connection as well as the raw water supply if the situation persists for the SMPT adapter.

In India, there are often high voltage fluctuations. Thus, it is the busing of the SMPT adapter. If your SMPT adapter is burned, the only option is to replace them. But due to the lockdown, we have solution, You can book your RO Water Purifier Repair in lockdown.

If your water purifier hydropower supply and raw water supply are correct and the SMPT adapter is also working correctly, check the functionality of the float valve. Generally, when your water purifier storage tank becomes full, the float valve closes the water purifier to avoid overflow. And when you start using water from the water purifier, your RO system starts working correctly. But due to a float valve malfunction, your water purifier may lose its functionality. If the float valve is also operating correctly, check the pressure.

In some cases, due to a loose connection, your water purifier sucks air and due to which your water purifier loses its functionality. This condition can also be caused by a pre-bowl filter being damaged. To solve this problem, you can look for lost connections.

If your water purifier is still not performing well, you can repair your RO Water Purifier in lockdown at Pahuja Aqua Service. At Pahuja Aqua Service, we have well trained and professional service engineers. They provide water purifier service in lockdown for all types and brands of Kent, AquaGuard, Eureka Forbes, Aquasure, Pureit, Livpure and various other brands such as water purifiers.

Why is pure water important for your family during lockdown?

The human body contains more than 65% water, and it participates in almost all body functions such as digestion of food, removal of waste material, brain functions, and many more. But the same can be bad for our health if the water is contaminated.

Contaminated water causes a variety of health issues and lowers your immune system. And as we are going through the coronovirus threat a strong immune system is necessary. Some experts also say that maintaining proper hydration levels inside your body can reduce the chances of getting sick. Thus drink insufficient amount of pure and healthy water. And adult men should consume 2.5–3 liters of water, whereas an adult woman should consume 1.5–2 liters of water daily to maintain proper hydration levels inside her body.

Issue Geting Pure Drinking Water During lockdown

The whole world is undergoing lockdown to break the chain of coronovirus diseases. In India, everything is closed except essential services. As we all know that coronavirus is an infectious disease that spreads from person to person. Therefore we are advised to wash our hands at regular time intervals.

It is also said that if your immunity is healthy, you are less likely to get coronavirus. The best way to maintain your immunity is to consume pure and healthy water to drink water at all times. Although it is not easy to get pure and healthy water, with the help of a water purifier, you can get contamination-free water.

Water is a natural solvent that can dissolve almost everything in it. Due to this property, water becomes home to a variety of water pollutants, which can cause many types of deadly diseases – but having a water purifier ensures that you have contamination-free water at all times to drink. will get.

But if you experience problems with your water purifier, you can fix the problem with you. Here are two main problems that can prevent you from drinking pure and healthy water.

  • If your water purifier system is not working
  • If you experience slow flow from your RO system

If your water purifier system is not working

There are various reasons by which your water purifier may stop working. Some of the reason for this is very simple, which does not require expert knowledge and advice. Discuss some issues when your RO purifier system stops working.

  1. Reduction in power supply
    Check whether the plug of your water purifier system is inserted correctly. You also need to check for loose connections.
  2. Reduction in feed water supply
    Check if the divert valve is on. If your divert valve is closed, the water supply will shut down, and due to the shortage in the water supply, the RO system will stop working.
  3. Your RO water supply SMPT adapter is burnt out
    Burning of switched mode power supplies in India is possible due to high voltage fluctuations. If your SMPS adapter is burnt, you need to replace it.
  4. Presence of air vacuum inside RO system
    Generally, this does not happen. However, it can also be caused by loose-fitting at some places. Being loose-fitting, the RO system sucks air, which prevents the machine from working. This condition is also caused by the loss of pre-bowl filters. In this situation, you can check for loose connections and try to create a vacuum-free environment.
  5. Float valve malfunction
    In the specific case, the RO water purifier machine stops working when the internal storage tank is full. The float valve shuts down the RO system to avoid overflow. As soon as you start using water from the tank, the water level decreases. As a result, they start working again. Thus due to malfunction of the float valve, the entire RO water purifier stops working.

If you experience slow flow from your RO system

This situation can occur due to the following-listed problems, which are:

  1. Loaded RO filter
    A water purifier removes contamination, and fouls occur due to the removal of water contamination after an individual water filter. This is one of the important factors for slow flow rate from your RO system.
  2. Pressure in the tank
    This may be due to the low air pressure inside the RO tank. Your RO system needs 7 to 8 psi for water to flow. To check the pressure, locate the shredder valve. Generally, the Schrader valve is covered with a blue plastic cap and is present on the side of the tank at the bottom. When you detect this, measure all the water from the RO system to the pressure in the tank using a pressure gauge. If the pressure is low, add air with a pump until it is 7-8 psi. But be careful to add air and make sure you have added only a small amount of air because too much air can cause the bladder to burst.
  3. RO tank bladder broken
    If you are getting a cup of water under normal water pressure, this is an indication that the air bladder in the storage tank has broken. Unfortunately, this situation cannot be resolved. The only way to replace the storage tank.
  4. Kink in water line
    You need to ensure that there are no kinks in the waterline because the kink in the water supply slows down water production. And when looking for kinks you need to fully open the water supply line valve.
  5. Temporary loss of water pressure
    The slow flow rate may be due to temporary loss of water pressure. A water purifier requires a minimum of 40 psi to operate properly, but an optimum pressure at 60 psi. If there is less pressure on all the taps in your house, then you need to do nothing. It will resume automatically.

What if your water purifier does not resume its functionality?

You can purify the water with the help of clean cotton cloth and airtight container.

Make 5-6 layers of cotton cloth and then let the water pass through there. This will act as a sieve, removing the physical contamination present in the water. Now boil the water properly.

Boiling of water kills the germs present in the water. It is the most and widely used method for obtaining pure and healthy water in ancient times.

After the boiling process the water is cooled and then stored in an airtight container, the water is now safe for consumption. But be sure to eliminate this water within 24 hours.

Contaminated water required for drinking pure and healthy water causes various types of waterborne diseases. And during this epidemic situation due to coronovirus, it becomes necessary to protect you and your family members from any kind of disease.

Drinking water is also essential because proper hydration levels in your body protect you from a variety of health conditions.

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