Planning to Buy a Water Purifier? Check these 6 Essential Factors

Environmental degradation, growing population, industrial development has made it difficult to find pure and clean drinking water. Contaminated water increases the risk of waterborne diseases which may be life-threatening at times. According to a report by WHO, approximately 38 million people in India are affected by water borne diseases out of which 75% are children. Taking into

5 Signs you are Not Drinking Enough Water

The human body loses water on a daily basis even if you are not working out. The amount of water that you lose, however, varies depending on the amount of physical activity you are indulge in and even due to the climatic conditions. However, many of us don’t drink enough water, which may lead to

How to Select the Best Water Purifier For Your Home

Selection of a water purifier plays a significant role as it is something which is directly related to our health. Knowing how essential water is for us, it is very important to select the best water purifier for your home. Day by day water related issues are gradually increasing. There are many harmful impurities present

How To Choose A Water Purifier?

YOUR ULTIMATE WATER PURIFIER BUYING GUIDE IS HERE! There are so many questions that comes to your mind when you have decided to buy a water purifier for your home use. The obvious one is Which is the best water purifier or water filter to buy? Should I buy it online or from a showroom?