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Water is the most essential part of our survival; we just can imagine our lives without water. But what if tell you that the most essential part has now become fatal! Yes, you heard it right, water has now become fatal. The water that was once life giving has now become life taking, therefore keeping a tab on the water that you are drinking is a must in today’s world; you just can’t mess with it. The way you can have pure and safe water is by a having a water filter, having a RO system is an ultimate solution to all your water issues and the headache is relieved off your head!

Why You Need A RO Water Purifier?

Keeping in mind the quality of water these days, it’s hardly even a question that whether you need a RO Water Purifier or not. RO Water Purifiers come with the Reverse Osmosis Technology which makes sure that no contamination is present in the water, and it is totally fit for drinking. There is a wide range of water filters that you can choose from. Each water filter comes with its own advantages.

Kent RO Water Purifier

Kent RO Water Purifiers come with these amazing carbon filters, which filter your water in the best way possible. Kent RO Water Purifiers also come with flexible AMC policies, keeping in mind the comfort of their customers as their primary requisite. There is also wide range of options to choose from based on your preference, to have a look on the varieties and models of KENT RO Water Purifiers, kindly log on to Here you will find a list of all the latest models of KENT RO Water Purifiers.KENT RO Customer Care support is also very active, to call for enquiry, please call at 9555884567, or drop your query at

Aquagaurd- The Healthy Water Expert

Aquaguard Water Purifiers are enriched with Mineral Cartridge, Bitron Cartridge, HD Filter and HCCB Cartridge. This ensures an overall safety of your family if you opt for an Aquaguard Water Purifiers. Aquaguard’s enhanced RO+UV system is a miracle of today’s world; it makes sure that no contamination reaches to you or to your family. There is a wide range of Aquaguard models with price list available at to Here you can choose from wide range of models and choose the best one based on your needs.

Aquaguard Service Centre is easily located in all Delhi/NCR/Gurgaon/ Ghaziabad location, this provide you with much quick and easier service. All your complaints regarding your Aquaguard RO Water Purifier are registered immediately and acted upon then and there. To see the entire range of Aquaguard RO Water Purifiers, kindly log on to- If you have to drop a query regarding Aquaguard RO Water Purifier, or know the details about Aquaguard Water Purifier price list, drop a mail at, or call at 9555884567.

Eureka Forbes- Your Complete Cleaning Partner

Eureka Forbes Water Purifiers, promise to be your complete cleaning partner. Eureka Forbes RO Water purifier guarantees 100% water purification, it guarantees water that is not just pure, but is healthy as well. There is a wide range of Eureka Forbes RO Water Purifiers so that you can choose the best one based on your preference and your requirements. The entire range of Eureka Forbes RO Water Purifiers with price list is available at Eureka Forbes Service Centre as very easily available in Delhi/NCR/Ghaziabad/Gurgaon, it makes it easier to use, since any issue with your Eureka Forbes RO Water Purifiers can be dealt with immediately. Eureka Forbes Water Purifiers come with flexible AMC Policies as well; therefore the maintenance of your Eureka Forbes Water Purifiers is not your headache at all. To drop a query regarding Eureka Forbes RO Water Purifiers, kindly drop a mail at, or call us at 9555884567, we’ll be happy to help you.

Pureit Water Purifiers- Protect Your Family With Pure And Clean Water

Pureit Water Purifiers offer you pure and clean water for your family. Since water is the basis of our survival, therefore having safe and healthy water to drink is a must. Pureit RO Water Purifiers provide you with a wide variety of options to choose from, one of the most advanced RO Water Purifier of Pureit Marvella is very in demand these days. The Customer Care Support of Pureit RO Water Purifier is also very vigilant. Treating customer service is their primary agenda. With amazing customer care support, and customer friendly AMC policies, you can always rely on Pureit Water Purifiers for your all water safety requirements. To choose from a wide range on Pureit Water Purifiers, kindly log on to If you have any queries regarding Pureit RO Water Purifiers drop a mail at info@pahuja-aqua-service, or call us at 9555884567.

Livpure- Livpure combines technology and innovation to provide you with the purest water.

Livpure though new in the league but is giving new hopes and strong promises. Livpure is the amalgamation of new era technology and years of expertise. It has a lot of new age models to choose from which are a delight and in turn promise 100% safety as well. Though Livpure is new in era but its customer care centers are available all over Delhi/NCR/ Gurgaon/Ghaziabad. In fact the customer care executives will get back to immediately as soon as you lodge a complaint or drop a query. The AMC policies of Livpure is also consumer friendly, it also gives you another reason to go for it. To have a glance on the wide varieties of Livpure and choose your best option accordingly, kindly log on to If you have any query regarding Livpure RO Water Purifier, kindly drop a mail at info@pahuja-aqua-service, or call at 9555884567.

ZEROB- Pure Water Solutions

Another water purifier range hails from ZEROB RO Water Purifiers, ZEROB guarantees you to provide you with pure water solutions. ZEROB provides you with pure water solutions not just for your homes, but also for commercial purposes. ZEROB Customer Care Support is also widely prominent in entire Delhi/Noida/Gurgaon/ Ghaziabad. Their customer care revert is very active too. The AMC policy of ZEROB is also in accordance with the needs and requirements of the customer. To choose from the latest variations of ZEROB kindly log on to To know more or to drop a query, kindly drop a mail at info@pahuja-aqua-service, or you can also call us at 9555884567; we would be there for assistance.

Why you should contact us for your RO Water Purifier requirements?

We at Pahuja RO Services believe that our job does not only end with providing you with the water purifier. We very vigilantly take part in all the steps in pre and post your RO Water Purifier Installation. Whether it’s for your home, or there is some commercial application, we cater to all. There is a series of steps involved-

1.Helping you choose the best RO for you- we at PAHUJA RO Water Purifier, cater to all the brads of RO Water Purifiers, here you can choose from an innumerable number of products. When there are a lot of choices, you can choose the best for you. Budget cannot be your constraint, since we deal in all brands; we deal in all budgets too. All you need to do is visit, and choose the most preferred RO Water Purifier for you, based on your choices.
2.RO Installation Service- After you have chosen the best brand for you. Our RO Installation Experts, visit at your doorstep for your RO Water Purifier Installation. We operate totally at your will, you choose the date and time feasible for you and we would be there for your ROP water Purifier Installation.
3.Our Repair And Service Policies- Happiness of our customers is our primary concern, therefore we make sure that if any complaint is lodged, we act upon it immediately. Our customer care executives are there for your support 24*7. Our service engineers who have an expertise in this field will be there at your doorstep, to get your RO Water Purifier repaired.
4.Transparency “We Hide Nothing From Our Customers”- we at PAHUJA believe in transparency as our motto. Right from your bills, to repairs to the AMC policies, all are crystal clear, right from the start. We believe that nothing matters more than TRUST, and we can’t stake the trust of our customers at any cost.

Though after all the above points, it’s hardly even a question that why you should trust PAHUJA for all your RO Water Purifier Requirements. If you want a healthy life for your family, and you want to protect your family from all the water borne and fatal diseases. If you want the best customer care support and the cheapest AMC models, then you should visit PAHUJA. To choose from the latest models of RO Water Purifiers of the best brands, kindly log on to If you have any query, or you need any assistance, drop us a mail at info@pahuja-aqua-service, you can also call us at 9555884567.

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It is common for any electronic to encounter wear and tear over a period of time. So, what should one do? Replace the product entirely or look for an intermittent solution depending upon the condition of the product.

Ro-Customer Support

We strive to provide you best-in-class customer care services at all time irrespective of the service request placed by you. To facilitate the same, we have deployed experienced professionals within the team.

Ro-Installation Service

RO Purifier installation is the initial and very important step once you have finalized on the purifier brand and made a purchase. Only if the RO installation shall happen as directed, the system can be expected to deliver results; in fact operate at all.

Pahuja RO Amc Plan

Sr. No. AMC Price Service Filters Membrane Electrical Parts Faulty Parts
1 AMC Plan 1 999.00
2 AMC Plan 2 2499.00
3 AMC Plan 3 3599.00
4 AMC Plan 4 4399.00
5 AMC Plan 5 5599.00
i) Three Periodical Services (On demand).
ii) Any additional visit during AMC Period by intimation.
iii) Contract Period:12 Months.
iv) Payment in favor of Pahuja RO Water Solution.
v) Price of AMC may be increase according to water purifier actual conditions and their uses.
vi) We uses Genuine Spare Parts and equality to specifications.
vii) We provides variety of services for aquaguard or eureka forbes ro like Service.Repair,AMC,Installation,Spare Parts and sale new RO.
viii) 100% Risk Free Products and Service,24*7 Customer Support,5000 trusted customers.
ix) EMI Option also available here(Only Delhi/NCR).
x) Service Location - Gurgaon. Delhi(East,West,North,South),Noida,Greater Noida,Ghaziabad and Fridabad.